Sally Moser, Boulder, CO Certified Green Poins Realtor
Indian Peaks, Colorado


Information about why to use a realtor to list and sell your home

Why use a Licensed Real Estate Agent to list and sell your home?
By Sally Moser, Independent Broker, Silver Peak Realty

Here are five great reasons:

    1. Statistically, you will realize more money from the transaction.
    2. Convenience and ease of showing your property to prospective buyers.
    3. Professional objectivity of a third party helps in pricing and negotiation
    4. Professional marketing of your property.
    5. Ability to close the deal.

1. More $$$ from the sale

According to the 2000 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the typical FSBO home sold for $113,000, compared to $129,900 for a Realtor-assisted home sale. And the 2003 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the typical FSBO home sold for $145,000, while a Realtor-assisted home sale was $175,000.

2. A safe system for sellers and buyers to access the property

How will you screen potential buyers who call and want to see your property? How will you know they are qualified to buy? Will you give anyone the lockbox combination? Are you able to take time off of work to let people in if the property doesn’t have a lockbox?

A real estate office’s showing desk tells agents as to when people can be admitted according to your instructions. Buyers are accompanied by real estate agents and generally have been pre-qualified for a loan. You are notified of showings if you choose to be, but are not inconvenienced by them. Your agent keeps track of the showings and calls the other agents for valuable buyer feedback which will let you know how others view your property.

3. Objective knowledge

Real estate agents know what is going on in the market, what properties are selling for, how long they are taking to sell and the ratio of the list price to the sales price. A home seller is often emotionally attached to his or her property and by using an impartial third party, negotiations can proceed more smoothly.

4. Marketing your property

Putting your home in the MLS is just a start. Excellent realtor customer service includes promoting the listing by bringing the office’s agents through on tour, having an agent on-call during business hours to answer questions about the property or show the property to an interested buyer, email promotions to other agents, signs and brochures on the property, mailings, open houses, and exposure to the greatest number of buyers possible.

5. Close the deal!

Getting a contract on the property is the beginning of the transaction. An experienced agent understands all the paperwork and knows how to deal with counteroffers, objections, inspections and contingencies. If you’ve used a real estate agent during the selling process, you are more likely to have a successful closing and close the deal.